About us

About us

As you would expect, Thomas Markgraf place honesty, integrity and client-focused methodologies throughout our entire business. We do not see ourselves as wealth advisers. Instead, we prefer to view ourselves as wealth partners.

Message from Our CEO

After spending numerous days in our office, a client wrote to tell me that he had been amazed by the uniquely collaborative environment and how the desire to share information and education about the industry enhanced our research efforts. He carried on to say that our number one hurdle to overcome as a company is to convey this business culture to those who don't know us, since so many companies such as ours can appear very similar at face value.

This letter stuck with me, as I oftern consider how best to tell our story, so that potential clients can understand what sets us apart and why it is important. For me, it really comes down to this.

At Thomas Markgraf, we believe that these qualities help our clients do well in this industry. First, we access a broad range of opportunities that relate to every investors needs. Second, our goals to educate and inform our clients of as many aspects of the market as they require enables a longer-term perspective when investing.

Most importantly, our people are guided by the mantra, 'client, firm, self.' and the result is a company-wide attitude towards satisfying what our clients need first; above all else.

If you talk to the team at Thomas Markgraf, from the experienced managers to the recent interns, I believe you will hear very similar perspectives. We have chosen a distinct path to catering for our clients' needs and this is deeply ingrained into what we do at Thomas Markgraf.


Pierre Armen

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